1.) Remember the DietBet post? Well, neither of us hit our goals. Boo. For Josh I think the concept just wasn’t motivating. He’s all about self-motivation. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still down 40 lbs and looks fantastic. I’m so proud of him.

So, what about me? I made excuses. I basically forgot that losing weight is HARD. I didn’t want to do anything hard. I did try to eat a little better and at one point I was down 4 lbs. But, I haven’t been exercising much and I’ve been super lazy about actually cooking. Last I weighed in I was exactly the same as when the game started. So, at least I didn’t GAIN weight.

Calorie Counting

2) I’ve downloaded My Fitness Pal to my phone and I’m trying to get back in the habit of tracking what I eat. Yesterday I sabotaged it in the evening, though, with 3 glasses of wine. See #5 for why.

Jogging Stroller

3) I’ve been wanting a jogging stroller for a while. The Joovy one came up on Zulily and I was >this< close to buying it (at almost half price). It’s a combo stroller/jogging stroller/bike trailer. But I was annoyed that the bike hitch and jogging wheel came separately. I didn’t pull the trigger. Then…Amazon suggested I check this one out.


The Allen Sports Premier Jogger/Bike Trailer…the reviews were good, the price was right, and best of all…no extras to be purchased.

It arrived last Saturday and I tried it out on Sunday. I LOVE it! I’m not so sure about Nolan.  He’s a nightmare to latch into anything right now…He was fine once he was in, though.

I love that it can be enclosed, which is perfect for the coming cold weather AND  the Color Run 5K I’m doing on Sunday. I didn’t want Nolan breathing in the powder they throw at you.  (When I signed up Josh was supposed to be off, but his schedule has changed and he isn’t anymore. So, I either needed to get a jogging stroller or recruit someone to go with me and hang out with Nolan while I did the race. Sounds like a good excuse to me.)


4) Nolan changed daycares as of yesterday. (Okay this one probably could have been it’s own post.)

When we got the call that Nolan had gotten into the daycare he had been on the waiting list for (for 8 months) I was excited, but really nervous and indecisive.

The new one is a good bit more expensive and not as conveniently located. But, it’s licensed and accredited. Lots of cool activities are available as he gets older. There’s an hour of playground time EVERY DAY unless it’s pouring rain outside.  The teachers seem great and really focused on Nolan developing at his own pace.

The daycare he WAS at wasn’t bad. They LOVED Nolan and he loved them. But it wasn’t licensed or accredited. I was iffy on how well the teachers knew child development. I’d observed Nolan’s teacher encouraging hitting and fighting. Their playgrounds were out of order and they didn’t know when they’d be available again.

Ultimately, we decided to go with the new daycare. On his last day at the old one, this poster was hanging outside his room (it’s now hanging in his playroom).
After seeing it, I went back to my car and cried all the way to work. :( I still tear up when I look at it.

We’re all still adjusting, but luckily Nolan was able to spend a few hours at the new  daycare 3 days last week to help the transition. Despite that, yesterday at drop off, he threw a tantrum even though he was calm on Friday. Which brings me to #5…

Wonder Week/Teething/Toddler Hell

5) Over the weekend my child entered some sort of phase that I am NOT enjoying. I imagine it has a combination of causes…our absence for 6 days, the daycare transition, the 64 week Wonder Week, and…getting his first molar. Seriously people. I don’t know this baby. Screeching, hitting, head butting, biting, pinching…gah!!

He even woke up in the middle of the night last night and I had to give him a little milk and rock him for a while to calm him down. I haven’t had to do that in a LONG time. Poor baby. His mouth must REALLY hurt. I hate that he’s unhappy, but I enjoyed the snuggles. Even at 1 AM.

Can I get this baby back, please?


Cloth Diapers

6) Related to the daycare change…

I’ve cancelled our diaper service and am washing Nolan’s diapers myself. The prefolds were only about $50 (I did buy a few pocket diapers, too) plus $40 for a diaper sprayer. It will save us $80/month and help make up some of the cost difference between the two daycares.

I’ve sprayed and washed diapers twice now and it hasn’t been too bad. Perhaps not my favorite chore, but worth it to add less disposables to the landfills, deal with less diaper rash, and (hopefully) potty train earlier.


7) Just some random photos I don’t want you to miss.





Be back soon with some fall/pumpkin patch photos from the weekend!

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  1. He is SoooOOOOOoOO adorable! I don’t believe he is grumpy, hitting and crying!! It’s just too much all at once for him. Happy Nolan shall return. Hang in there, guys!!! <3

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