Puerto Rico

Hello! I fell off the face of the earth for a little while because Josh and I went on a 6 day vacation to Puerto Rico to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (12 yrs together!).

We flew out on Thursday the 17th at 5:45 in the morning.  It was sad because it was too early to say goodbye to Nolan (Josh’s parents came up to stay with him). But, I think that might have been for the best. I may not have ever left if he had been awake (haha, yeah right.)

We landed around 1:30 and when we arrived at the hotel our room wasn’t quite ready yet.  BTW, we stayed at the La Concha Renaissance in Condado Beach.

To kill some time we went over to the salon across the street so I could get beach ready. As I was waiting I kept looking at a woman who was getting a pedicure and thinking I knew her from somewhere. Then, after hearing a conversation between herself, the owner, and another employee, I realized it was Rachel Lefevre from Twilight, A Gifted Man, and Under the Dome.

My first real celebrity sighting! (Al Sharpton in NYC doesn’t count.) Later during our stay, the Biebs was staying there. We never saw him. Just lots of black SUVs and 12 year old girls camped out in front of the hotel.

Anyway…we finally were able to check into our room around 3 pm and I was super impressed with it. It was a suite with an efficiency kitchen and everything. Good to know for next time.

My only complaint about the room over the course of our stay was the bathroom. It had glass walls which it up the bedroom in the middle of the night if someone needed to use it and didn’t have a bathtub (some rooms do, though).

This was our view.

Pretty cool. :)

We ALMOST hit the hay at 7PM pm, but after a quick nap we rallied and explored the area around the hotel. On Friday we slept in (glorious!) and then walked halfway to Old San Juan before catching a cab the rest of the way.

We just walked around and took in the sights. Did a little shopping for things we’d forgotten or wanted for our anniversary date that night. After heading back to the hotel Josh relaxed and I went to get my hair done.

Josh and I had reservations at one of the hotel restaurants, Perla, considered one of the most romantic in the city.



Check out my handsome hubby!

The food at Perla was fantastic! They even added a little something extra. Awww!

Unfortunately, this is the only (blurry) picture we got of the two of us.

On Saturday we spent some time by the pool.

While at the pool we tried Facetiming with Josh’s parents and Nolan, but just as it had the night before, it made him confused and upset. :( For the rest of the trip we relied on pictures. He had a blast hanging out with grandma and grandpa.

Later we went for a walk and found a little beach area where a lot of the locals were hanging out.

Saturday evening went out on the town in Old San Juan. I didn’t get any pictures that night, but I did snap this pretty photo on the way.

We stayed out until 3AM!!! Been a while since I did that. Ha.

On Sunday we picked up a car and drove out to El Yunque National Rainforest.







We hiked a short (30-45 minute) trail to La Mina waterfalls where you can swim. The water is COLD!!


We had been there for about 15 minutes when it started to rain. I was in the water, but not under the waterfall when it started. My first thought was “who moved the shower head?” LOL We walked back to the car and by the time we got there it had stopped.

From there we drove East to Fajardo. We happened upon a fantastic restaurant called OleLelolai. We had a wonderful view and delicious food.



On Monday we FINALLY went to the beach.

We didn’t stay too long, though, because a storm was coming in. Since it was raining outside we (I) decided to go to the largest mall in the Caribbean.

Lucky for me they were having a car show.

(oh, and in the meantime we continued to get picture updates on Nolan)

We wandered all around the mall waiting to go to a movie and then at the last second we asked the ticket agent if the movie was in Spanish or English. Despite what the Internet says, SHE said they were all in Spanish. I’m still not 100% that she understood our question, but we took her word for it and headed back to the hotel.

That night we didn’t want to go too crazy since it was our last night to sleep in. We walked down to the Caribe Hilton and had a Pina Colada at the bar where it was invented.

We wandered around their grounds a little (coping it out for our next trip) while soaking in the atmosphere.


I loved that they had hammocks. I’m always a sucker for hammocks.

The next day we flew home and on Wednesday I got to see Nolan’s face when he woke up and saw me there. Confused at first and the jubilant. He was jumping all over Josh and kept hugging me like a little monkey. Love.

Bottom line: We’ll see you again, Puerto Rico.

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  1. My husband and I are going away in January to South Africa for 14 days. C will be 17 months. I can’t even think about leaving her, I get so sad. Any suggestions for easing the absence for her? She will be staying at grandma’s.

    1. Does she see her grandma often? Do you have the option of doing some overnights before you leave to help her get used to it? I think that would really help.
      We didn’t do a whole lot other than try to fit in an extra visit with the grandparents before they came up. As far as I know he was a real trooper.
      14 days in S. Africa! That is going to be awesome!

      1. Grandma has been coming over extra and we were thinking of having C stay with her overnight in November, but your suggestions have solidified that plan. Good to know that Facetime might not be a good idea too. Thanks!

        1. Well, she may do better in a few months with Facetiming. Maybe try it on the overnight in November and see how it goes. Or maybe practice with daddy/mommy when one of you is out of the house. Good luck!

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