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Oooooh! Look! A non baby related post. 😉

I did my first 5K since December on Saturday. I wasn’t running very consistently, but did manage to get 3 runs in the week prior. I knew I could do the distance, so I was more interested in trying to improve my time.

Here are my previous 5ks (click on pictures to enlarge).Screenshot_2014-04-15-10-29-20

Yes, that’s the same race for three years in a row (well, technically 2 years apart). The first one at 30:15 is pretty much my PR for a 5K (the one before that had a short course). I was like 2 weeks pregnant then.

The next one at 38:05 was when Nolan (see I managed to slip him in there somewhere) was 3.5 months old. All I wanted to do was finish without walking. And I did.

The next one, from 2013, was just me trying to get back into. I hadn’t hardly run at all in nearly a year.

The good news is that I did improve my time…


…by nearly a minute! Yay!

Here are some picture from the race. (Yes, those are proofs…they want crazy money for these things.)





This was a pretty fun race! Parking was free and easy. The race course was nice and mostly flat. At various intervals different athletic teams from the University were there cheering you on (and providing a little eye candy).

There was one water station about halfway through, but I skipped it. It was warmer than expected (70+) so the sun was killer at times and there was often very little shade. I was an idiot and didn’t put sunscreen on so was red the next day.

The finish line was on the football field and they had it projected up on the big screen, too, which was pretty cool.

Since participants got admission to the football game, participation was limited to 2k people so it wasn’t crowded, which was nice.

The Big Blue BBQ afterwards was a bit of a different story. I paid for Josh’s ticket and felt since there were people paying just for the BBQ they should have been better equipped to handle the number of people. They ran out of food in one line I was in and we had to move. They ran out of white wine, as well, and this was about 30 minutes to an hour into what was supposed to be a 3 hour “barbecue”.  Hopefully they’ll improve that part of it for next year.

Overall, I thought it was a blast and one of the few times the $45 cost was worth it between the race (t-shirt & medal) BBQ and the admission to games. I’ll be back next year!



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  1. I want to do it with you next year!!! I almost registered… and then never clicked “send”… I know.. I chickened out.. But you did awesome AND improved your time!!! Congrats!! Well done!!

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