Life on the Farm 

Okay so that may be a bit of an exaggeration. But sometimes between the dogs and the “garden” and the chickens I can slightly feel like we’ve got a little hobby farm.

I thought I’d check in and give you a quick chicken update. Josh got the coop built and they’ve been outside for a few weeks.

We haven’t put the roosting boxes in, yet, because they’re still months from laying eggs.

Here’s a video of them (and the very eager dogs).

The two gold ones are named Skye and Rubble (from Paw Patrol).  One of the black ones, the one with more orange on her beak is named Phoenix.  She got her name by surviving an attack from Goliath.

We were building the fence and before we could cover the gaps on the ends goliath squeezed through in 5 seconds flat and gave that chicken quite a scare.  She had a gash on one thigh (you know you’re picturing fried chicken thighs) and some feathers missing from her tail.  We didn’t know if she’d survive the stress, but she did so we decided she would be Phoenix.


We put an old bench out there and it’s very relaxing just to sit and watch the chickens.

I believe it will be September or October before we start seeing eggs.  I can’t wait!