Choices and Blessings

I was driving home yesterday from Busch Gardens and contemplating some things.  It was this amazingly perfect day where my friends were all able to join us at the last minute and there was no drama and no hiccups and we left right before no-nap meltdown time. Beautiful weather, beautiful friends…just an all around amazing day.

As Nolan finally took his nap on the ride home I was contemplating how blessed we are. In so many ways.  I was thinking about how I sometimes wonder when the other shoe will drop. Is it actually possible to be this lucky? Surely something bad is going to happen.

But then, I was thinking…there have been lots of times when I/we could have not felt so blessed.

My parents got divorced and we moved away from my dad.  My grandfather got AIDS during a surgery (in the mid 80’s).  I was overweight for most of high school, nerdy and not one of the “cool kids”.  I had to have back surgery at the age of 14.  I’ve lost a lot of family in the last 10 years, including both my parents and I’m only 35. Josh lost his job at one point, a few months before he started with the police department.  I had post-partum depression after Nolan was born. Josh now works a stressful job with unfortunate hours.  My marriage is not perfect, my child is not perfect (whose is?). I am not perfect and neither is my life.

This made me think that perhaps the blessings in our life, or the feeling of having been blessed, may have more to do with the decisions we’ve made.  The choices we’ve made when faced with the bad or the hard.

I know that things are not always as simple as this makes it seem.  We don’t always know what the good choices are. But maybe it’s more a matter of making choices for the right reasons.  Perhaps then, even if it wasn’t the best choice, it can eventually lead you down the right road.

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