Not What You Think

I bet you think I’ve been slacking off on posting because I don’t want to admit to not training for the half-marathon.

Nope.  Still going strong.


I did my 11 mile run on Sunday.


I barely survived it.  I truly hope the race goes a lot better. I stopped like 4 times for potty breaks and my achilles/calf is bothering me.  My lack of strength training lately is coming back to bite me,  I feel like my body is rebelling.  When I did my 9 miles run a few weeks ago it went great!  I didn’t think 2 miles would make such a difference.  I think a lot of it on this run was bad fueling and when I ran (afternoon).

I’m very  concerned about the lack of porta potties on the trail (this is where the race is located) and am praying to all that is holy they will have porta potties for the race.  I may even email the race directors to ask so I can prepare myself mentally.

This Saturday I am running the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K, which means if I want to get another long run in and have enough time to taper, I’ll have to do it in the middle of the week next week.

Josh’s sister was supposed to do the race with me Saturday, but her husband just got orders (Air Force) and they have to leave before the race. :(  So…Josh decided (totally unprompted by me) to run it with me.  I am really appreciative because this is a HUGE race (40k + people) and I really didn’t want to do it by myself.

So, anyway…that’s my running update! Only 2.5 more weeks to go until the race!  Fingers crossed my body can make it.