An Affordable Shopping Obsession

I’ve posted about ThredUp before.  But, I’ve had so much fun with it lately, that I wanted to do another round up of my finds.

If you’re not familiar with ThredUp, it’s an online consignment store.  You can send in your own clothes to get $ or store credit or just shop to your heart’s content.

My favorite feature is to be able to create personal shops, which means filtering down to something specific you’re looking for.

For example, I needed a white cardigan.  I had a shirt that cried out for it, and it’s too hot for my white blazer.  So, I just created a shop for white cardigans in my size and waited until the right one came along.

And it did.  I got this one for $18 plus change (with a promo code) and it was new with tags.

I had a favorite dress that disappeared (how does one lose a dress?).  So, I created a Calvin Klein dress shop and hoped and prayed that it would appear and it finally did yesterday! :)

If you’re wary of buying clothes online, the personal shops come in handy because you can filter by brand. So, if you already know you like Loft, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, etc., then you can just create personal shops for that brand.

Here are my personal shops right now:

7-23-2015 4-26-50 PM

I’ve finally gotten to enjoy Lululemon workout clothes thanks to ThredUp.  No way I’d ever pay full price.

Want Toms, but don’t want to pay $40+ for them?  I got these for $20. They’re my new favorite shoe.

Don’t want to pay $200 + for Cole Haan pumps with Nike technology? (or can’t like me)

Pay $45, then.

I haven’t shopped handbags, yet, but again…great prices on designer brands (Kate Spade below).

If you spend $70 then shipping is free and if you spend $120 in a month you get the free shipping for a month.  Return shipping is free if you choose to get store credit or $8.99 if you want a refund.

I have probably returned at least one item with every order, but it’s no big deal.   Just put it back in the box, print out your return paperwork and label and drop it at the post office.  The hard part is waiting for them to receive it and credit your account so you can shop again. :)

I can’t decide if I should tell you to download the mobile app or not.  It’s very tempting to scroll through when you’re bored and then hard to say no when something catches your eye.  BUT, they have coupon codes very often that are only good on the app. 10-15% usually.  Sometimes I put something in my cart and leave it there hoping a code pops up.  You have 24hrs before it puts your item back out for someone else to buy.

And, of course, you can always send in your own clothes to get some $$ towards your purchases.

Oh, and don’t forget, they sell/buy kids clothes, too!

And…no, this isn’t a sponsored post.  I just love ThredUp.

Here’s my referral link:

The first time you order with that link, you’ll get $20 off!!  (And I’ll get a $20 credit.)

Happy Shopping!

Best Day EVER

I figured after yesterday’s negativity, I should write about how awesome our Sunday had been.

We were up at 6:59 (by we, I mean Nolan) and went to the early service at church.

After church we went to the gym since we didn’t make it on Saturday.  Nolan wasn’t in much of a mood to be left at the gym child care.  After 25 intense minutes on the Expresso Bike I went to get a towel, which is inconveniently in front of the glass enclosed childcare area.  Nolan was waiting at the gate.  I couldn’t bear to leave him again, since I could hear him yelling “mama” so I just went and got him.

I had driven all the way to Downtown Norfolk (their childcare opens the earliest) and it seemed like a waste for 25 minutes.  So, I figured, let’s have an adventure.

There’s a Tide lightrail station behind the Y, so we bought a ticket and hopped on.


IMG_20150712_110234I decided it would be fun to document our adventure via Instagram (@admeyerlife) so there’s plenty of pictures.  We rode just a few stops to Harbor Park and then started walking back towards MacArthur center.  I figured we could eat lunch at D’Egg.

IMG_20150712_111819This area is where I walk or run during lunch on weekdays, and it’s really nice, but there’s NO SHADE.  Nolan was a trooper, since it was warm and I didn’t have any water.  I kept him motivated with the promise of boat sightings and mac N’ cheese for lunch.

IMG_20150712_113701See…a boat!  I felt bad I didn’t plan ahead and have a swimsuit for him.  There’s a little splash pad right here and he asked to go in, but when I said no he was a good sport about it.

IMG_20150712_114525^^ That’s not a tantrum that’s just him enjoying the cool grass as he jumps on his knees. Because…2.  ^^

D’egg was too busy so we went a little further (such a trooper!) and had Max & Erma’s in the mall.

IMG_20150712_120334 He had mac n’ cheese with fruit and I had a huge salad.

20150712_122013[1]He was so good while we were there that I got him a warm chocolate chip cookie with milk.  And if you give a kid some milk….he’s going to want to blow bubbles.

After lunch we went to Gymboree to get him a hat since I can never keep track of his hats.  Luckily they were having 40% off everything, including clearance.  So, we ended up with the hat, sunglasses and “flip shoes” as Nolan called them (flip flops).


We hopped on the train and went back to retrieve the car.  This is Nolan’s face when I said we were heading home.


Ha!  Actually, the day pretty much just stayed awesome from there.  We woke Josh up (he worked the night before), got cleaned up, and went to a family BBQ where Nolan got to play with the big kids and everyone had a blast.

Seriously…best Sunday, ever!

Morning from Hell

Did you ever have one of those mornings where you feel like you need to document it because otherwise you couldn’t believe it happened?

That was my morning.  Barring injuries or death I’d have to say it was top 10 worst mornings.

Get up early-ish (for me) and decide to take a relaxing bath.  Start running the water. Nolan wakes up.

Getting ready to leave and Nolan is having a tantrum for unknown reasons.

Get in the car (Josh’s because the A/C went out in our “new” van).  Nolan is screaming.  Realize we need gas.

Stop at gas station.  Push fuel door button. Nothing. Push it again. Nothing.  Push it again, button implodes all over the ground.

Looking for button parts all over ground littered with chicken bones.  Can’t find spring. Think I’m imagining things and there wasn’t a spring. Put button in. Nope, must be a spring. Find spring.  Button is stuck and can’t get it out to put spring in. Try for 5 minutes. Say fuck it, drive home to get the van.

Gate has the wood behind it (so people can’t open it from the front). Go inside and around to open the gate (van is in back yard). Get in van to pull it out front.  Realize it’s almost out of gas.  Almost have a Steel Magnolias moment.

Transfer everything into van (including child).  Get to gas station. Don’t know where Amex card is. Hope it’s in Josh’s car and didn’t drop it when I was parked in this same spot 10 minutes ago. Will look when I get home and hope no one charges a car (not that my limit is that high).

indexTry to put gas in car.  Pump is apparently not working with cards.  Scream in frustration.

Drive towards daycare.  Tell Nolan that mommy is sorry for being grumpy.  Stop at gas station near daycare. Get out.  Realize I drove there with the fuel door open and gas cap hanging out. Put gas in car.

Drive to daycare. Nolan has a meltdown when I need to leave.  Go to work.

Running in the Summer

I do not run in the summer.

At least, historically, I don’t.  But, this year I was supposed to keep up a 6-8 mile endurance so I could start out strong for another half-marathon in the fall. Ha. Nope.  But I am running 3 miles about once/week, which is more than I usually do.

I’ve basically been picking one day/week (generally whatever day is supposed to be the coolest) to run on my lunch break.  My body seems to be adjusting to the heat and my pace is improving. Yay!  Hopefully by fall when the temps drop, I can break out a 5K PR.

Here’s my last 4 runs (click to make larger):

6-29-2015 2-57-37 PM

6-29-2015 2-57-57 PM

6-29-2015 2-58-15 PM

6-29-2015 2-59-12 PM

I just threw this last one from May in there to show you how much faster I run when the temperature is cooler.

If you look closely, you’ll see all these runs were on pretty much the same route at the same time of day so you can’t get a better comparison than that.

Hopefully if I can get pretty close to that pace during the summer, then I can rock out something awesome for a fall race.

Random summer running thoughts:

  • It’s better to run a little hungry than (for me) to run after eating.
  • I don’t bring water on runs this short (even in summer) but I do chug it afterwards.
  • I am using spray sunscreen, which I usually avoid, but it’s the only option for when I’m running alone.
  • I’ve really been needing to get some running sunglasses so I just ordered these Nike Siren Sunglasses.  Some of the colors are on sale down to $24.95 right now which is a great deal since other colors are $80+.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Garden Progress

I’m about 2.5 weeks into this gardening thing and I thought I’d give an update.  So far, so good!  I feel really good about the progress and I’m proud to say I’ve gone against my general laziness and watered them every day rain or shine because it’s been so hot.

For a refresher here’s what’s where (the three original beds are the three on top here, from left to right):

6-11-2015 10-25-40 AM

Here are the progress pics of the three original beds.

June 8, 2015



June 25, 2015

20150624_185929Thoughts: The tomatoes and cucumbers are doing really well!!  I’ve started clearing space between/around the beds of grass because I know I will have to let the cucumbers lay outside of the beds at some point because they’re going to outgrow the beds.

One edamame plant looks great and the other withered and died…on the surface, but I’m pretty sure there’s something sprouting from the roots.  With regard to the carrots…I’m not sure.  I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s carrots and what’s a weed.  That’s what happens when you’re growing from a seed.  Just in case I accidentally pulled the wrong thing, I may throw a couple more seeds in there, but with toothpicks this time to mark where exactly they are.


June 8, 2015

20150610_195936June 25, 2015


Thoughts: The peppers and cucumbers are doing great here, too.  Except…something is eating my pepper leaves. :( They’re all chewed up.  I think I’m going to try this: Bacillus thuringiensis.

Just like with the carrots in the first bed, I think lettuce seedlings are even harder to distinguish between seedling and weed.  I’m just not going to pull anything unless it’s not remotely close to where I planted and hope for the best.

June 8, 2015


June 25, 2015

20150624_18582920150624_185904Thoughts: Watermelon plant is growing and tomatoes are appearing!  Seedling story is the same as above.


I did end up adding two more beds.



20150624_185739The zucchini sprouted up literally overnight and with relatively big sprouts.  I wish the carrots and lettuce would move that quick so it was easier to tell what’s what.

20150624_185751My blueberries are done for the season.  All 10 of them LOL

But, I’m trying to tame my blackberries a little so they’re easier to get to.

20150624_190152    20150624_190002 Nolan ate all of these and asked for more.  I tried to explain why that wasn’t possible, but he didn’t seem accepting of my answer. LOL20150624_190235