Almost Two

Nolan will be two in just over a month. The birthday invites are ordered. The deposit is down on the “venue” (that sounds so fancy – it’s not, I promise) and the photographer is booked. I debated on the photographer, but I was SO happy to have one last year.  I never picked up a camera or my phone and would have been so sad not to have pictures.

I told myself that this year was going to be smaller. I cut out almost everyone on the list who didn’t have kids of their own, not wanting to subject them to a toddler birthday party outside in August (only you my childbearing friends get that privilege). But then I ended up adding more people and once again we’re back at pretty much the same size party as last year, with around 50 people to be invited.

I also booked his party at a place other than our house, thinking it would be cheaper than renting tables and chairs for our place. Nope. I was wrong. When you have to have it “catered” (again, not that fancy) because you can’t just grill, it’s not cheaper.

That said, I know it’s going to be a blast and I can’t wait to celebrate his birthday with all our friends. (I’ll be sharing his invites with everyone probably in a few days or next week. I mailed them a couple of days ago and want to wait until everyone has received them.)

In our heads, though, Nolan has been two for a while. For months, when people ask, I’ve been saying “two in August” or “almost two.” The idea that he’s one is just…nope. His language has exploded to the point where I have stopped keeping track of new words on the “First Words” page. I just can’t keep up.  He can identify his school friends by name, says grandma and grandpa when he sees their pictures, tells us what to do ALL.THE.TIME., and gives us a hug and says “Sowwy” when he’s released from time out. He’s definitely two.



Had some more pics done last weekend

Currently he is obsessed with screwdrivers. Yes, I said screwdrivers.  I am constantly swapping big, long ones out for little stubby ones trying to humor him a little. But the epic tantrums that ensue when he can’t take his “driber” somewhere or we try swapping them for less lethal ones are wearing on my nerve.


No, mom, two small screwdrivers are not the same as one big screwdriver.

I’m terrified that he’s going to fall one one or scratch his cornea or stick it in an outlet.


Yes, hearing protection is required for this task. Of course.

I know…you’re thinking I sound like Mother of the Year here. Why don’t I just take them away? Well, Josh has a LOT of tools and there are screwdrivers everywhere. Nolan likes hanging out with Josh in the garage and obviously he can’t keep all his tools out of the way.

I’ve never seen Nolan attach himself to anything, really. No stuffed animals or loveys. Until now. He wakes up asking for his “driber”. I had to create an elaborate bedtime routine for it so he’s let me take it away for bed time. He asks for it as soon as I pick him up from daycare. It’s RIDICULOUS.


The screwdriver’s blanket and Mr. Owl watching over it.

And he knows exactly how to use it so God help us when he gets the strength to use it properly.

UPDATE: I wrote all this screwdriver stuff last week and we’ve been able to keep him from them since then and he hasn’t really been asking for one though he’ll pretend something else is a “driber.”

Other than obsessing about hand tools, we’ve been spending the summer out and about mostly.  At the pool, at the zoo, at the beach…




IMG_20140718_194153-MIXWe really are lucky to live in a place with so much to do and relatively inexpensively.  A yearlong membership to the zoo is $85 with unlimited access and special members only events.  The beach can be visited for the price of parking.  There are festivals all year long and splash pads at the parks.  It really does seem like a wonderful place to grow up. I hope Nolan thinks so, too.

I’ll leave you with some of Nolan’s favorite things.


Summer Lovin’

Hey hey! Thought I’d check in and say hello! We’ve been busy enjoying the warm weather and even going to the pool during the week after dinner.

It’s a great way to work off all that toddler energy. And Nolan has plenty of it!

Here’s a few pictures you’ve probably already seen on Facebook.

IMG_20140613_082425Morning selfies!

IMG_20140618_222231The Doctor is in!

IMG_20140620_174304Riding in style!

IMG_20140620_223804Checking out the sprayground at Town Point Park.

IMG_20140622_100827Cheese face!

IMG_20140622_154344Destroying my friend Courtney’s house. ;)

IMG_20140622_154409What do you mean that’s not what it’s for!?

Here’s a gallery of professional pictures I had done by KT Nichols Photography back in April. They were a surprise for Josh for Father’s Day. So excited to finally be able to share them! She did a great job and we’ll be using her for his birthday party, as well.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Collage 2014-06-15 20_38_12Father’s Day pic of my boys!

Collage 2014-06-22 21_08_02And a little Throw Back Thursday for you!

Nolan’s language has really been exploding! I’ve added nearly 20 words to the First 100 Words page in the past week or so.

Earlier in the week I saw an unreported bite mark on Nolan’s arm. I asked him who did it and he told me “Mirabelle!” (a girl in his class). I nearly fell off my chair. I hadn’t expected him to answer me. Ha.

This morning I was changing his diaper and he told me “No. Potty.” So I put him on the potty and he pooped! Ahhhh! Not expecting any miracles here, but excited to be moving in the right direction.

So that’s what’s going on with us! Hope you’re all doing well, too!

In Memoriam – Officer Brian Jones

I know that most people that read this blog are my friends and family and you probably all know about what happened last weekend. Yet, I feel like I need to write this post, if only for my own processing of what has happened.

Meet, Officer Brian Jones of the Norfolk Police Department.

Brian was killed last Friday night (Friday, May 30th) in the line of duty. I found out about his death when my husband, also a Norfolk Police Officer called me, near midnight on a Friday night, to tell me that he was okay despite being involved towards the end of the situation and to pray for Brian’s wife and three children.

Initially my husband told me Brian was dead and then later he said he was in surgery, but it wasn’t looking good. I prayed and prayed that when he got home from work he would tell me that the surgery was successful and Brian was recovering, but that wasn’t the case.

I didn’t know Brian or his family particularly well, mostly through stories from my husband of Brian’s commitment to Christ and tales of his wife’s cooking skills. I only first met them last December at our annual Christmas party, but my husband had worked closely with him when Brian first joined the department and admired him and his wife’s strong relationship and commitment to family.

Here are a couple of articles about Brian’s life and death.

A loss like this affects everyone. His family, most obviously, his co-workers, their families, the community…

His wife misses her soulmate and partner in life, the father to her children.

His children are missing their daddy and the youngest doesn’t understand why he hasn’t come home from work.

His co-workers miss their friend and are also left on edge when at work, not wanting it to be their families left to grieve, then hit with waves of survivor’s guilt.

His co-worker’s families are dealing with their family member’s grief and perhaps their own. Their ability to be in denial about the danger of that person’s job is shattered. And they might feel guilty for being thankful that it wasn’t their loved one.

The community has lost a dedicated officer (in addition to the young man killed that prompted Officer Jones to pursue the suspect). A man who made it his mission in life to protect the city, who preached at his church and touched many lives during his too short life.

When things like this happen, especially to people who are as wonderful as Officer Jones was, people want to know WHY? Why would God do this?”

Well, in my opinion, God DID NOT do this. A sick man did this.

Brian Jones would not have wanted his death to shake anyone’s faith. Just the opposite.  He would have wanted people to see how the community has rallied together for his family. He would have wanted the community to see the dedication of their officers and the sacrifices of their families and perhaps have a little more grace in their heart when dealing with the police.

He would have wanted people to see how a life lived with love and kindness in your heart can affect those around you for the better. Let’s honor his wishes and pray for his family’s healing from this tragedy.


#OOTD = Outfit of the Day

I’ve been making an effort to look a little more put together lately.

It started with getting my hair colored, going with the ombre look.


Then I started shopping around for some more stylish duds, at work and at home. I didn’t feel like I was putting my best foot forward all the time. Not good when you work in a super corporate workplace.

So…I’m going to share some of my recent outfits where I felt a little more put together. You’ll notice I don’t pay full price for items.

I tried Stitch Fix and Tog + Porter, but I just never felt like what I received was worth paying full price for. I’m the kind of gal that likes to feel like I got a deal.


Navy Polka dot dress: Loft (50% off clearance) (worn with a sweater)

Navy/gold sandals: Target sale (more of a Friday kind of shoe)


White shirt: Motherhood Maternity (yes, I’m serious…it was a gift from my mom way back when)

Teal criss-cross sweater: Zulily (I have very little luck with Zulily for women’s clothes if I don’t know the brand, but I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this. It’s lace in the back).

Navy pants: 40% off at New York and Co.

Nude wedge shoes: Cole Haan (Extra % off clearance at Dillards – got ‘em for $35!)


Shirt: New York and Co. clearance

Skirt: H & M – Bought off a Facebook resale site from a friend (so less than $10)

Black peep toes: Anne Klein bought in Puerto Rico at Marshalls


Dress: Calvin Klein (from TJ Maxx) This is the most flattering an comfortable dress EVER!!!

Shrug: Walmart (loooong time ago)

Black/gold shoes: Target sale (yes it’s the same shoe from the first pic, in a different color)


Shirt: Loft from ThredUp

Have you heard of ThredUP?  It’s an online consignment store with everything from designer clothes and handbags to kids clothes. I’ve actually gotten pretty lucky with my purchases despite not being able to try them on. And sometimes the prices are so good it’s worth the risk (like $5 shorts). Right now if you download their app and use the promo code HELLOMOBILE, you can get 20% off your order. Shipping is free for orders over $50.

If you’re a new customer you can use the code SUNNY25 for 25% off and then you can also get 7.5% back through Ebates (but you can’t combine that with the mobile app offer).

Pants: same navy NY&Co ones above

Gold shoes: Nurture (% off clearance at Dillards)


Here’s a non-work one.

Shirt: Pleione from ThredUp (I lurve this shirt. It’s polyester, but the more comfortable and breathable kind. it’s super long, specifically for tucking in and still being able to blouse it out and hide those “trouble spots”)

So…when I say I don’t buy anything full price, I mean it. For Nolan, either. I shop at clearance sales, swaps and consignment sales for him.

I also watch sites like SouthernSavers who posts online sales and subscribe to sites like Zulily or, but mostly waiting for things like Stride Rite shoes or Toms shoes to go on sale.

So, that’s how I’ve been feeling a little more confident and put together, but on a budget.

What are your tricks or some sites you use for getting the best deal?

Last Weekend

I don’t suppose our weekend was particularly exceptional, but the weather was fantastic, as it has been for the last few and that means we got to play outside as much as possible.

Friday night Josh was working and I was feeling lazy so we went to Pop’s Diner for dinner. Kids eat free and they serve breakfast all day long, so I really like going there. That way, when Nolan doesn’t feel like eating, I haven’t wasted any money.

He also likes flirting with the waitresses.


Saturday morning I gave him cereal (like legit with milk, in a bowl) for the first time.  I spent a lot of time saying “Use your spoon!”


I made myself a smoothie and put the leftovers in these molds for Nolan. I haven’t tried them, yet. Well, I have, but Nolan hasn’t. I think they need to be sweeter.

IMG_20140503_183451Then, before we headed out for the day, I moved his carseat into the middle and he crawled in all by himself. But it didn’t last long, because I soon learned it couldn’t properly be installed in the center. Bummer. #RearFacingForLife


We spent the morning checking out the church flea markets down the street and then after his nap we went out strawberry picking.

He MAY have a eaten a few while we picked (don’t worry I offered to pay for them).


This is HALF of our haul, the other half I gave to a friend on the way home. They’re already ALL gone, too! Might have to go back this weekend.


I did not think about the fact that there would be tractors on the farm.



Let’s just say there was a massive meltdown when we had to leave without riding one.

In the evening we found these two dogs that had been wandering the neighborhood all day. We brought them into the back yard and gave them water and food.

IMG_20140503_194051   IMG_20140503_194058

They had a blast playing with Goliath. I put an ad on Craigslist hoping their owner would call. We ended up having to let them out of the yard in the middle of the night because they wouldn’t stop barking (fireworks at the baseball game across the water set them off).  I got word via a concerned citizen that their owner did find them, though. I guess it at least gave him an area to search.

Sunday morning we tried out a new church with friends. I’m pretty excited about it, lots of kids of all ages, a nice nursery and not too far from the house. Nolan did great in the nursery, too.

In the afternoon we went to the beach.  He loves the sand (ewww! not me!).



Ha! Here’s a close-up of his face in the above pic. Pure joy.




It was a really fantastic weekend and I’m looking forward to a summer full of them.

ODU Big Blue 5k

Oooooh! Look! A non baby related post. ;)

I did my first 5K since December on Saturday. I wasn’t running very consistently, but did manage to get 3 runs in the week prior. I knew I could do the distance, so I was more interested in trying to improve my time.

Here are my previous 5ks (click on pictures to enlarge).Screenshot_2014-04-15-10-29-20

Yes, that’s the same race for three years in a row (well, technically 2 years apart). The first one at 30:15 is pretty much my PR for a 5K (the one before that had a short course). I was like 2 weeks pregnant then.

The next one at 38:05 was when Nolan (see I managed to slip him in there somewhere) was 3.5 months old. All I wanted to do was finish without walking. And I did.

The next one, from 2013, was just me trying to get back into. I hadn’t hardly run at all in nearly a year.

The good news is that I did improve my time…


…by nearly a minute! Yay!

Here are some picture from the race. (Yes, those are proofs…they want crazy money for these things.)





This was a pretty fun race! Parking was free and easy. The race course was nice and mostly flat. At various intervals different athletic teams from the University were there cheering you on (and providing a little eye candy).

There was one water station about halfway through, but I skipped it. It was warmer than expected (70+) so the sun was killer at times and there was often very little shade. I was an idiot and didn’t put sunscreen on so was red the next day.

The finish line was on the football field and they had it projected up on the big screen, too, which was pretty cool.

Since participants got admission to the football game, participation was limited to 2k people so it wasn’t crowded, which was nice.

The Big Blue BBQ afterwards was a bit of a different story. I paid for Josh’s ticket and felt since there were people paying just for the BBQ they should have been better equipped to handle the number of people. They ran out of food in one line I was in and we had to move. They ran out of white wine, as well, and this was about 30 minutes to an hour into what was supposed to be a 3 hour “barbecue”.  Hopefully they’ll improve that part of it for next year.

Overall, I thought it was a blast and one of the few times the $45 cost was worth it between the race (t-shirt & medal) BBQ and the admission to games. I’ll be back next year!



Cloth Diapering

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but I struggle with how much detail to go into since there are much more informative sites out there. I’ll try to keep it simple, but I doubt I will succeed, although cloth diapering is not difficult.

In the beginning…

We cloth diapered from the start using a diaper service. (Eco Existence for those in the Hampton Roads area.)  This was how I got Josh on board since we wouldn’t be washing any dirty diapers.

The service dropped off clean diapers once per week and picked up the dirty ones. They provided the pail, a deodorizer disk (monthly) and two pail liners (one in the pail and one to replace it when it was time for the diapers to go out). They also gave us four newborn diaper covers.

Like most diaper services, they only provided pre-fold diapers.  These are pretty much what most people think of when they think of a cloth diaper. It’s a cotton (or hemp or bamboo) piece of fabric that is sewn with extra layers in the middle.

cloth eez prefold diapers white cotton

(Picture from Green Mountain Diapers)

Unlike what you think of with these diapers, though, no pins are required (though some people do still use them). Generally people use Snappis.

They’re a little like bungees with plastic teeth to catch in the fabric.


Since the cotton isn’t waterproof (obviously) a diaper cover is required.


We always used PUL lined ones, mostly Thirsties and Blueberry which are fantastic quality and have a more generous fit. Micro-fleece and wool can also be used for covers.

I loved our pre-folds and covers. Leaks out of the cover were almost non-existent. We never had to change outfits or throw clothes away. Leaks onto the covers weren’t uncommon, but also normal. Those we did wash at home.

From pretty early on, since Nolan slept through the night at a young age, we used disposables for nighttime since the pre-folds don’t wick away moisture (like a micro-fleece would). By themselves they aren’t all that great for more than 2-3 hours.

The only real negatives of the service were:

1) cost: $78/month (probably about the same as disposables – at least in the beginning),

2) smell: Since they only got picked up once/week, sometimes the pail would smell strongly

And then…

Back in October, when we switched daycares we decided to cancel the diaper service. The new daycare was $140/month more than the old one. I figured $80/month would be a big help to have back. Pre-folds are cheap and we already had covers and Snappis. Pre-folds are also the easiest to wash (I mean…they’re just cotton).

A couple of days into it at the new daycare, and I was told that their state licensing rep would require me to have a new cover and Snappi with every change. Keep in mind that this was their first time allowing cloth diapers.

Now those covers aren’t cheap $10-$18 for new, good quality ones (and I hadn’t learned about the world of buying and selling used diapers, yet). Snappis aren’t cheap, either (which usually isn’t a big deal because you only need a few).

I figured, at that point it was cheaper to buy pocket style diapers if they’re going to change the whole thing anyway.

A pocket style diaper is a diaper cover with a lining sewn in (usually stay dry fabric) and a pocket on one end to stuff an insert into. Sometimes they have a pocket on both ends that is supposed to allow the insert to agitate out in the wash rather than you having to remove it before washing.

Most come with a micro-fiber (MF) inserts. More absorbent inserts can be purchased and are made from bamboo or hemp (the most absorbent). You can even stuff them with a pre-fold.

Many people have problems with the MF, but we, luckily have not, though I do have a few hemp ones. Microfiber should never be placed next to baby’s skin as it is very drying.

I didn’t consider all-in-one diapers at the time (no inserts to stuff) because of their purported long drying times.

I got lucky and there was a pocket diaper lot on Craigslist with the inserts for $75. I think there were about 20 in the lot.

These were what are generally called “rebranded Alvas”. Alvas are a brand of pocket diaper made in China. You can buy them directly from their site with a MF insert for under $6. Sometimes people/companies buy them wholesale without labels and put their own label on them, thus the rebranded part.

I, personally, have never had any issues with our Alvas. No leaks or fit issues. Some people do, though, and prefer to stick with USA made diapers or even diapers made by work at home moms (WAHM). Unfortunately, I have had terribly luck with the no-name WAHM diapers I’ve bought.

As I did more research I started finding out about Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade (BST) pages. This is where you can buy, sell or trade items such as diapers. Sometimes a group is for a particular brand, but The Cloth Diaper Swap is the biggest one and it’s for anything cloth diaper related. I started trying out different brands and also selling off some of my Alvas (prints or colors I didn’t like) in order to do so.

Yes, I put USED diapers on my baby. GASP. Whatever. You bleach them once, then wash them and they’re good to go.

For a while there I was a little obsessed with cloth diapers and getting cute prints. I was constantly selling and buying.

IMG_20140210_214454 (1)

MAYBE half of my stash, not including the prefolds I never use anymore.

Eventually I decided to try All-in-Ones (AIO), specifically Blueberry Simplex because sometime in the near future Nolan will start potty training. The Simplex have stretchy, side snapping flaps meaning they could be pulled up and down like training pants. They are also pretty fast drying for AIOs because they have a flap that is attached only on one end and can be out for faster drying (and can agitate out in the wash). You don’t technically have to stuff it into the pocket, you could just lay it on top.  These are lined with cotton, not a stay-dry fabric, also ideal for potty training because baby will feel when they’re wet.


They do make a stay-dry version called Basix.

The Simplex comes either sized newborn, medium, large or one-size. I only have sized ones (M & L) because I love how super trim they are. Blueberry also has the cutest prints.

IMG_20140220_192022Full disclosure: One of these is not Blueberry Simplex…figure it out and you get a prize.

I bought all but one of these used on Facebook BST sites. These are puppies are NOT cheap. Brand new they’re about $28. I paid anywhere from $15-20 a piece for mine. If I take care of them then they should hold that value.

I’ve been lazy and throwing them in the dryer and also because being that they’re cotton, they get “crunchy” when line dried. However, I have noticed that a seam is coming out of one so I need to be a little nicer to them so I can re-sell them.

So…we use a combo of pockets and AIOs now and almost never use pre-folds.

At night…

As I said previously we generally used disposables for nighttime since Nolan slept long stretches from the very beginning and our diaper service pre-folds wouldn’t cut it. Once we cancelled the service I very cautiously stepped some toes into night-time cloth diapering.

Nolan is not a super heavy wetter so what works for us are:

*A fitted diaper is a cloth diaper that is shaped to fit the baby but needs a cover to be waterproof. Some have layers of fleece or wool in between layers to help them last longer and many people use them without covers around the house as they can last quite a while before being wet on the outside. I have a few, but they aren’t really practical for us because we aren’t home much and it’s too much to ask for Josh to understand what needs a cover and what doesn’t. I was pretty much done with fitteds during the day when I was at Target with Nolan and realized he had one on with no cover.

But, I digress.

The SBish diapers, made by Sloomb, are pricey, but can be found on the BST pages, which is where I got mine. Remember, you’re only using them overnight so you don’t need more than 4 or so. I have three. They are VERY bulky and it’s pretty funny to see Nolan waddle around in one. I have two pair of micro-fleece pants that I use as covers (these are very cheap) at night. Fleece and wool are more breathable than PUL liner covers. Wool is more waterproof and breathable than fleece, but more upkeep. I have some wool, but have never used it.

The OBF are not stay-dry, despite the fleece in their name. Therefore I use some type of fleece liner next to his skin, sometimes just a cut up piece of fleece fabric if my other liners are MIA.

I also have one Kawaii GNHW pocket that I stuff with one MF insert and two hemp inserts. This is already lined with a stay-dry fabric.

I still sometimes use a disposable, mostly if I don’t have any clean overnight handy or if he’s getting a rash and I want to use a strong diaper cream (most mainstream diaper creams are damaging to cloth diapers). Since I use a liner most of the time, though, I’ve even been using the cloth when he needs a cream. (::pats self on back::)

Nolan sleeps 11-12 hours a night regardless of whether he’s in a disposable or cloth.

Wash Routine

So this is the scary part. It was for me. And not the ick factor. Poop doesn’t bother me.  It was all the special laundry detergents and horror stories about stink and leaks and repelling.

I have not had any of those issues in my 6 months of washing. Keep in mind that I’ve heard that it can take 6 months to a year for issues to arise as detergents supposedly build up. A lot of it also depends on your water (soft or hard).

Powdered Tide is the most commonly used, accepted, and effective laundry detergent in the cloth diapering community. Yep. Tide. And, yes, you can use a powder detergent in a front loading machine and they make an HE version.

I keep a wet bag in the nursery and a pail with liner in our laundry room/downstairs bathroom. I have diaper sprayer hooked up to the toilet and a Spray Pal to prevent mess. Yes, it seems like a lot of equipment and expense but keep in mind it can ALL be re-sold. Nothing to do with disposables can.

For daycare I have a wetbag that both zips and has a drawstring. I brought in a small step trash can and every morning I put the wetbag in and every afternoon I take it and the dirty diapers home.  They put all dirty diapers in there, wrapping up poopy ones in plastic grocery bags.

Every night I empty the wet bags and rinse poopy diapers that need it and throw them in the pail in the laundry room. Every 2-3 days I do a load. On the weekends I wash the daycare wet bag.

I have a Whirlpool front loading HE machine. I do a pre-rinse with NO detergent. ALWAYS do a pre-rinse to get rid of any ick still on the diapers. Then I do a hot wash with Tide HE powder (NO FABRIC SOFTENERS) with an extra rinse at the end to get rid of any lingering detergent.

I then hang my pockets, covers, and wet bags on a clothes line we have in the laundry room. Inserts go in the dryer. That’s it.

Bottom Line

Cost: CAN be cheap or can be $$$, depends on you. BUT everything can be sold if you take care of it. I highly recommend buying pre-loved whenever possible.

Potty Training: I can’t attest to the rumor that cloth diapering promotes faster potty training. We just aren’t there, yet. Also, I think it totally depends on the kid.

Rashes: We very rarely have more than just a little redness unless he’s got diarrhea.

Blowouts: I don’t think we’ve had more than a couple of blowouts (out of the covers-onto clothes) in 20 months of cloth diapering.

Environment: I’m no expert and I know some people say the water use in washing outweighs other environmental savings. I think that’s bull. It’s 2-3 extra loads of laundry a week (more in the beginning). And since you have more blowouts in disposables  you’re probably doing more laundry anyway.  Oh, and one disposable takes 500 years to degrade in a landfill.

Cute Factor: Through the roof. Fluffy butts are adorable.



In Action

Here are the promised videos!

(You may have to open the post in your browser instead of email or RSS reader to see the videos).

This one is just a quick montage of a few words.  He often clams up on camera or around people so it’s hard to get it recorded.

The next one is him checking me out at the “grocery store.” I showed him how to do this once and he had it down.  I guess I know where he’ll be working in high school. Ha.

And one last video of him dancing. Can’t wait to see him try those moves at prom.

Oh, and I added a page of his first 100 words so I could update it regularly.  I’ve added 8 or 9 just since I posted yesterday! Crazy!

Breaking the Ice

I feel like the longer I go without posting the harder it is to get back to it and I really miss it. I can’t believe I’ve let nearly 6 months go by and skipped the entire holiday season. As much as I want to, I’m not going to try to “catch up.” Instead I’m just going to do a quick post about Nolan now…at over 19 months.

I saw some blog post somewhere documenting their child’s first 100 words so I’ve got a running  list of Nolan’s words on my work computer.  We’re up to 28, but he’s definitely having a language explosion so the list is growing quickly. His favorite are highlighted.

7)night night
8)ba (sheep)
9)moo (cow)
10)rawr (lion)
11)woof (dog)
(signs please, more, and eat)
17) cat
25)quack (duck)
26)neigh (horse)

Here are some recent pictures.

IMG_20140404_071848 IMG_20140404_193558 IMG_20140406_185822 IMG_20140404_071821 IMG_20140404_071829 IMG_20140331_172421 IMG_20140327_190516  IMG_20140302_164531 IMG_20140217_091356 IMG_20140207_070316


That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with some videos.