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Dismal Swamp Stomp Half-Marathon 2015


I’m sure you’ve guessed by the slow posting of the recap that my half-marathon didn’t go the way I wanted it to.  I finished.  But my goal was 2:30:00 and I finished in 2:43.  Pretty far off.

I started out feeling good.  Like I’d fueled and hydrated properly.

IMG_20150411_074119The course is an out and back.  Soon after I started I realized I was right there with the 2:30 pacer (a volunteer who is experienced and will lead those with him/her to a 2:30 time).  I knew I wanted to grab water/gels along the way and might have to use the porta-potty so I thought it would be a good idea to get out ahead of the pace group for a while (I was wrong).

At the turn around (about 6.5 miles), I used the porta-potty (ew ew ew ew) and grabbed two gels (honey – ew ew ew ew ew).  I drank a little water at almost every water station, but not a lot, just a few sips.  I had one gel at the halfway point and saved the other for around 9 miles.

As I hit the turn around and was headed in the other direction I passed the pace group still headed the other way.  I think I might have had 2-3 minutes on them.

I was still feeling okay and just kept at it.  It was warm, but not too hot and not a lot of wind.  It was cloudy so I didn’t feel overheated.  I wore shorts, which I never do, but I’m glad I did, instead of tight black capris.  I did test the shorts on a 12 mile run because I hate shorts that ride up (which is all of them because I have big thighs).

I started to hit the wall at mile 10 and began doing walk/run intervals.  My left IT band was killing me.  Not my calf this, time, but a new bothersome issue.  And it just got worse and worse and worse.

Walking was a bad idea.  Once you’ve run that far, when you stop everything cramps up, so by mile 12 I was just walking.  I think the pace group passed me somewhere between mile 11 and 12.  SO disheartening.  I walked all of mile 12-13 until I could see the crowd and didn’t want to be put to shame.

Here’s me stumbling to the finish.

I felt horrendous afterward. Actually, I felt terrible around the 12.5 mile mark.  Like I didn’t even know if I was going to walk to the finish.

Afterwards, Josh was there with Nolan and he brought me a coke and tried to get me to eat something, but all I could stomach was water for a good 30 minutes or so.  Nolan was super excited about the ambulance, but all I could think was, “Mommy’s going to be IN that ambulance if she can’t pull it together.”

I think it probably think it took me 45 minutes of water, a little coke, a few bites of pizza and some gummy bears before I could consider walking to my car, which seemed to far away.  Luckily Josh was parked closer and drove me there. ha.


I don’t know exactly what went wrong.  But here are my thoughts:

  • I knew I was coming down with a cold for most of the week leading up to the race.  I had swollen glands and a slightly sore throat.  As I predicted to friends and family, I became full blown sick the day after the race (and have now been sick for a good 8-9 days and am just now feeling better – now that Nolan is sick, ugh).
  • Based on all the leg cramping and how awful I felt afterwards, I think didn’t not hydrate properly.  Drink enough water is something I struggle with on a daily basis and this was no exception.  I did buy a hydration belt a few weeks prior, but it leaked everywhere, so I didn’t want to use it for the race.
  • Strength training- I didn’t do it. It’s hard to fit in 3-4 runs and strength training with Josh’s schedule, my work and a 2.5 year old.  But, I think it would have really made a difference in the IT band and calf issues I started having.

So, my plan for a future half marathon…

If you’d have asked me within a few days of the race I would have said, “Never!”  But, now I want a redemption race.  I want to put that 13.1 sticker on my car, but right now I don’t feel worthy.

My plan is to spend the summer focused on losing some weight and strength training.  I want to keep up a 6-8 mile endurance, running those distances every other weekend when Josh is off and then one shorter run during the week.  The weekends that Josh isn’t off I’ll try to do 3-4 miles with Nolan in the stroller if we can get out first thing in the morning before it gets too hot.

Then, come September I’ll start training for the Harbor Lights Half-Marathon which is in late November.  If I’m starting off with a 6-8 mile endurance it should give me some wiggle room for getting in my long runs and strength training, as well.

In conclusion…I finished. :) Thank for all the well wishes and support over the last few months.


Cooper River Bridge Run 10K (2015)

I figured I better get this post up before my next race (tomorrow!).

Josh and I did the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k two weeks ago on March 28th.  I was supposed to run it with his sister, but her husband got orders (Air Force) and they had to leave the morning of the race.  Josh decided he’d take her bib so I wouldn’t be out there running by myself.

This is the Cooper River Bridge.

Beautiful, right!?

The race started at 8AM, but because they expected 40,000 people (only 33k ran this year) it’s got shuttle buses to the start meaning we were up at 4:45 (big thanks to Josh’ parents for watching Nolan) to drive to downtown Charleston, park, get in line for the bus, drive to the start and get in our corral.

I think we made it to our corral around 7AM leaving us an hour to wait.  My only complaint about this whole process was the length of lines at the porta potties.  I may or may not have ended up going down a side street and finding a little alley hidden by bushes. I’ll never tell.

Josh hadn’t run since our 5k in November, so my plan was just to stick with him.  Also, I don’t have many hills to train on at home, so I didn’t know how I’d do on the bridge.  The course is about 2 miles before the bridge, 2 miles of bridge, and 2 miles into downtown.

There were so many corrals that we didn’t cross the start until 8:30.  Actually, at the last second I was able to duck into the now abandoned porta potties for a second before our corral crossed the start.

The first two miles were no problem and we enjoyed the bands they had playing at pretty frequent intervals.  Especially the 80’s inspired hair band who were rocking out in fringe vests, no shirts in 45 degree weather.

I myself had 3 layers on top, one of which I abandoned in the corrals. (I believe they donate everything left behind.)

I was really gearing up mentally for the bridge.  My goal was not to walk it, which I achieved.  The incline isn’t all that steep and didn’t last every long so I never felt like I wasn’t going to make it.  All the people and the music really helped, too!  From there it’s downhill for maybe a mile and then into downtown.  There weren’t as many bands after that point, but there were a lot of supportive spectators, which was really nice.

4-10-2015 9-02-16 AM

4-10-2015 9-02-08 AMJosh and I decided to cross the finish holding hands.

4-10-2015 9-02-33 AM4-10-2015 9-02-00 AM It wasn’t my fastest 10K, but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed running with someone else for once (especially Josh).

Here’s my stats:


And Josh (remember he was using his sister’s bib):


Overall I thought it was a really fun race.  It’s a little pricey for a 10K at $70, but there was a nice expo, a lot of bands, and good party afterwards.  My biggest complaint was there was no medal.  For $70 I expect a medal.  We did get a t-shirt and a towel, but I’d much rather have a medal.

So, that’s it!  Next up…my half-marathon!!


Not What You Think

I bet you think I’ve been slacking off on posting because I don’t want to admit to not training for the half-marathon.

Nope.  Still going strong.


I did my 11 mile run on Sunday.


I barely survived it.  I truly hope the race goes a lot better. I stopped like 4 times for potty breaks and my achilles/calf is bothering me.  My lack of strength training lately is coming back to bite me,  I feel like my body is rebelling.  When I did my 9 miles run a few weeks ago it went great!  I didn’t think 2 miles would make such a difference.  I think a lot of it on this run was bad fueling and when I ran (afternoon).

I’m very  concerned about the lack of porta potties on the trail (this is where the race is located) and am praying to all that is holy they will have porta potties for the race.  I may even email the race directors to ask so I can prepare myself mentally.

This Saturday I am running the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K, which means if I want to get another long run in and have enough time to taper, I’ll have to do it in the middle of the week next week.

Josh’s sister was supposed to do the race with me Saturday, but her husband just got orders (Air Force) and they have to leave before the race. :(  So…Josh decided (totally unprompted by me) to run it with me.  I am really appreciative because this is a HUGE race (40k + people) and I really didn’t want to do it by myself.

So, anyway…that’s my running update! Only 2.5 more weeks to go until the race!  Fingers crossed my body can make it.



Half Marathon Training: Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5

  • Monday: Yoga at home
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thurs-Saturday: Out of town
  • Sunday: 6 mile run

I told myself I was going to run twice when in South Carolina for a work retreat.  But, plans got interrupted, and I made choices to do things like hunt, fish and explore Charleston (again) rather than run.  And I don’t regret it.

A friend (Shout out, Kim!) offered to let Nolan hang out with her kids for a little while so I could get my 6 miler in.  It was much appreciated and I finished my run at a 10:55 pace with a few breaks for stretching and to use the porta potty.

Week 6

  • Monday: Nothing
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 5 mile run (at a 10:13 pace!)


  • Friday: 20 min. of yoga for runners
  • Saturday: 7 miles (at a 10:41 pace)


This was probably one of my best weeks, yet.  I have definitely learned that training in winter means being flexible.  Thursday I had a doctor’s appt and afterwards I went home and did my 5 miles before going to pick Nolan up.  it was around 45 degrees when I left and the last mile was sleet the entire way. :/  It made me finish the mile pretty darn fast, though! 😉

I purposely skipped Friday’s run because weather was supposed to be bad on Sunday so I needed to do my long run on Saturday.  Josh took Nolan out for some man time and I ran 7 miles around the neighborhood at a 10:41 pace.

As you can see in the pictures above, I finally bought another GPS watch (Forerunner 10).  However, it didn’t work they way I wanted it to.  The GPS worked fine, it was just too hard to upload and look at stats. so I’ve returned it and swapped it for a Fitbit Surge.

I haven’t gotten a chance to use the GPS function…


but when I do I’ll make sure to review it.