Photo Dump

This is mostly a photo dump so don’t get too excited. ;)

These first pictures are from Hunt Club Farm back at the end of October (yes, again!).  An organization at work has started doing Hunt Club’s Harvest Festival as an event.  The first 50 kiddos even get their own pumpkin.



IMG_20141026_131705Heyyyy….chicken, chicken, chicken!

IMG_20141026_131917And this…this is just a picture of a cute sleeping baby (even, though he now tells me he’s not a baby, he’s a big boy…then 5 minutes later he tells me to rock him like a baby…ha).

aden + anais Classic Muslin Dream Blanket, Vintage Circus

In other news… I was hanging on to a couple of gift cards from his birthday and I finally caved (I made it soooo close to Christmas) and bought him more Legos.  Up to now he’s been playing with Josh’s Legos from the 80’s, which includes, “80’s something spaceship-man.”  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to watch this: The LEGO Movie (Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Combo Pack)
IMG_20140818_183636I bought just a bin of bricks that had a few special pieces to make animals.

IMG_20141111_194613IMG_20141111_194631IMG_20141111_195609LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket

We’re Lego building fools. Actually, we mostly build, and he mostly takes apart.

IMG_20141124_185911(that’s a runway, airplane, and air traffic control tower above in case you were wondering.)

For Thanksgiving we drove down to my in-laws near Charleston, SC.  It was a fantastic visit, which we really needed because when we went at Easter it was a disaster with everyone getting sick and us leaving early.

I let Nolan forward face in his carseat for the first time on the trip.  I thought he’d make a big deal out of it, but he made no mention of it.  Didn’t seem to notice.  I’ve still got him rear facing in my car since I drive him around the most, but when we put this seat back in Josh’s car when we got back we forward faced it.

IMG_20141126_111216Evenflo Symphony LX Car Seat, Crete

IMG_20141126_122408Goliath stole Nolan’s lap for a little while.  Nolan was unimpressed at first, yelling, “Get off!”

IMG_20141127_133036The head of the table had the highest chair so Nolan got to be the big man for Thanksgiving dinner.

One night, Josh and his dad put together the miniature steam engine Josh got his dad last year for Christmas.  Nolan was fascinated. It was actually pretty cool to see it work.

Wilesco D5 Steam Engine Model Kit

IMG_20141129_164833IMG_20141129_164954Saturday night of Thanksgiving weekend Josh and I left Nolan with the in-laws and we went out to dinner in downtown Charleston.  Man, I love Charleston.

First we had drinks at The Blind Tiger.  Then we had dinner at Blossom and it was fantastic!!

Our night ended on a sour note at Carmella’s, though.  I was super excited to try out a dessert bar, but the service was iffy and my dessert was “meh.”  I did find out there’s another dessert bar in Charleston called Kaminsky’s, so we’ll have to check that out next time.

Overall it was a wonderful night and I can’t wait to do it again.

On Sunday we drove back.  Hit some traffic on 95 and took the scenic route instead.  It was actually really nice.  The Nolan bear took a long nap which was nice, though he did wake up crying a few times when we had to slow down or stop.  Thankfully he was able to go back to sleep.

IMG_20141130_132748So, that’s about it for my photo dump.  We’ve got a ton of stuff going on over the holidays and are visiting my family over Christmas so there will be plenty more where that came from.

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Harbor Lights 5K 2014

Josh and I did our second 5K together the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Josh is one of those people (you know…men) who can not run for a while and still knock out a few miles, lucky guy.

I have almost zero pictures because it was cold as hell and I was trying to keep Josh from strangling me for roping him into the whole thing. ;)

12-3-2014 10-37-02 AMSee me smiling and him…NOT.  It was really darn cold.  I was wearing running tights, and two layers on top with a hat and gloves. He was…NOT.

There were no professional photos of me other than the one above for some reason. :(

But here’s one of Josh coming into the finish line.  He sprinted past me for the last .10 mile or so.  I was so proud of him.  AND he pushed the stroller the whole time. (He’s going to kill me for posting this picture)

12-3-2014 10-37-30 AMHere’s my results…This was my best time since before I got pregnant so I was pretty happy.

12-3-2014 10-44-44 AMAnd Josh’s time…He did great!

12-3-2014 10-44-54 AM This was the inaugural race so I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured it would be a good experience since it’s a J & A race and they always put on a great event.

I was familiar with the race course as it’s near work and I run at lunch in that area.  I have to say, it was a really fun race.  The 3.1 miles flew by and they had beer and chili afterwards.  I had no wait when I needed a porta potty (after the race, there was quite a line before the race) and the same for the food and beer, although we did wait a while before getting in line.

There was one part of the course that goes over cobblestone streets which is nerve-wracking and hard to run on.  I was able to avoid most of it on the sidewalks, but I’m sure it was harder for Josh and Nolan with the stroller.  Although, I did hear Nolan laughing his head off as they went over the cobblestones, so maybe not. ;)

Here’s a picture with a bunch of my co-workers who also ran the race.

iPhone 238All in all, it was a good time and barring unforeseen events I’ll be back next year!

Halloween 2014

I figured I better get this post up within at least 7 days of the actual holiday.  Plus I couldn’t deprive anyone of the Harry Potter cuteness.

IMG_20141031_181758I almost didn’t bother drawing the glasses on and I am SO GLAD I did! :)  I kind’ve want to do it every day.

I spent the week before Halloween teaching him essential life skills. (video below)

IMG_20141031_184818The costume came together fairly inexpensively, around $45.

  • I ordered the robe from the Willsie Company (it’s a pre-school graduation robe) for about $22 with shipping.
  • The Gryffindor patch came from an Etsy store (Patchnpatterns) for $6.
  • A friend crocheted the scarf for free (MANY THANKS, LORA!)
  • I cut the collar off one of Josh’s dress shirts (he never wears them) to create the collar and put his own grey shirt over it.
  • I bought the tie at Dillard’s for $16.
  • Lightning bolt and glasses drawn on with black makeup (I knew he’d never keep glasses on)
  • Wand was a stick from the yard

I realize that some people don’t think $45 is inexpensive, but it’s pretty much impossible to find a 2T Harry Potter costume because all of them were for older kids.  Etsy was the only place where I saw 2T Harry Potter robes and while they were much nicer, but they were $40 + just for the robe.  In the end I think I pulled it together fairly well.  (I considered painting yellow lines on the tie so it would be accurate, but in the end I didn’t want to ruin a $16 tie.)

IMG_20141031_183027Unfortunately, Josh got stuck at work and missed all the fun so we swung by the precinct before heading home.

IMG_20141031_202424I told myself I would self the costume next year, but I don’t think so.  I’m not particularly sentimental, but this costume is going to go in the bin of things to keep for the future.  Perhaps a grandchild will wear it someday.

P.S. Nolan now points his wand at us, says “Abracadabra” and expects us to act like various animals complete with hopping, nose wiggling, mooing, barking and armpit scratching.


Wicked 10K

Training Plan Thoughts

I don’t know if anybody looked at the training plan page (I already took it down) during the process, but if you did, you’d have noticed I got most of my runs in, but not necessarily on the planned days, and you’d have also noticed I managed to get almost no cross training or strength training in.

Work has been crazy busy and I haven’t really felt like I could take the time to go to the gym at lunch which is pretty much my only time for gym activities like weights, elliptical, etc.  Runs are a different story because I can put Nolan in the stroller and do them after work.

My longest run was 5 miles two weeks before the race.  I attempted to do 5.5 the week before, but SOMEONE was over it at 4.5 miles.

IMG_20141018_175144(He’s standing up in the stroller and I’m just walking at this point)

The Race

IMG_20141025_073938Got there with plenty of time to spare, picked up my t-shirt and packet before depositing them back in the car and then going to scope out the costumes.

This one won second place for best group costume.  When the sub “came apart” the Beatles’ faces were painted in portholes.  Also they had bubble guns, which was pretty cool.

IMG_20141025_074004This one, though?  This one was awesome!  I thought it was just a Sleepy Hollow costume, but I looked on the Wicked’s website and it was a group costume with like 10 people all dressed as Johnny Depp in his various roles.  They won first place for group costume, of course!

IMG_20141025_074304IMG_20141025_074344This is an old Virginia Beach Fire and Rescue car that they were actually using up until about 8 years ago when it became hard to find parts (bet you can’t guess who found out that piece of info).

IMG_20141025_073246Took this picture for Josh, the Eagle Scout.

IMG_20141025_080231The race started at 8AM and, as usual, I made the mistake of dressing for the 30 minutes before the race instead of the actual race, which meant if I didn’t think it would blind other runners I seriously considered stripping off my shirt(s) at multiple points.

My Garmin didn’t charge (and now won’t charge at all :() so I didn’t know my pace.  I had debated not wearing it anyway to see what my body could do without my head interfering (thinking about what I HAD been running at vs. what I COULD run at).

At one point I thought we were approaching the 4 mile mark and I hadn’t actually seen any mile markers, yet.  I caught up to someone with a GPS watch one and she told me we were at 2.95 miles. :(  O_o  Not the answer I was going for.

But I kept at it, feeling slow, with a stitch in my side, which thankfully went away eventually.  The race course has you run down to Atlantic Ave. from the Conference Center, take a right, then onto the boardwalk then back onto Atlantic. Oh, Lord, that last run down Atlantic was hard and I was like WHEN DOES THIS END!?  I looked down the road to my right at one point (with a view of the boardwalk) and saw the 5 mile marker, only we were still on Atlantic and I couldn’t see where people were turning to get on the boardwalk.  Ugh.

Finally we made it onto the board walk. Only 20 blocks to go. Ha.  There was a water station and I decided to walk through it, i.e. grab a water (two actually) and walk until I was past the water station and then run again.  I NEVER do this because I usually feel terrible after walking in the middle of a race.  But that day, it was exactly what I needed to make it that last mile or so.

I picked up the pace and made it through the finish line, collecting my medal, hat and banana.  I felt rough, but not as rough as the girl puking in the trash can that I passed.

IMG_20141025_115448Initially I thought, well at least I finished, but it wasn’t my best time. It couldn’t have been because I felt so slow.

Then I looked on Athlinks (see the Race Results page) and realized I PR’d!!! What!? I guess that’s why it was so hard.  I was pushing hard.

10-29-2014 4-19-26 PM

certificateAfter the race I met up with Josh and Nolan and we walked around (trying to keep me from tightening up) and checking out all there was to see.



Finally we grabbed some breakfast and enjoyed a beautiful view on a beautiful day.


IMG_20141025_104054(Nolan making goggles out of empty creamer cups…hey! Whatever keeps a toddler happy when at a restaurant!)

Thank for all the encouragement and well wishes on Facebook.  Next up is a 5K in November with Josh and I’m also hoping to do a 5 miler in December, but it’s possible we’ll be out of town.  After that…half-marathon training.  Hold me. I’m scared.

Ikea and a show

A co-worker/friend and I drove up to Washington D.C. this past weekend to see a comedian that we both love.

Her name is Anjelah Johnson and if you haven’t heard of her, I’ll do you a favor and show you some of her work (both stand-up and MadTv):

The show was awesome and a great excuse to have a girl’s night weekend in DC.

My one requirement of the trip was to go to Ikea.  I haven’t been in years and I wanted to take advantage.

The one thing I KNEW I wanted to buy were these spice racks:

BEKVÄM Spice rack IKEA Saves space on the countertop Solid wood can be sanded and surface treated as needed.

Not to put spices in, but to put in my bathroom to hold toothpaste, hairspray, contact solution, etc.

In fact, once I put them up, it will look a lot like this.


Of course that’s not all I got. I mean, is it even possible (or reasonable) to go to IKEA and not buy ALL THE THINGS!?

Okay, not really.  but, I did buy a some random stuff like scissors (3 of $1.49!), an oven mitt, tealight candles, a cutting board, blah, blah, blah.

I also bought this for Nolan to “help” in the kitchen in hopes of avoiding those evening before dinner meltdowns.

BEKVÄM Step stool IKEA Solid wood is a durable natural material. Hand-hole in the top step makes the step stool easy to move.

I also got this:

MÅLA Tabletop paper holder IKEA Tabletop holder for paper roll, pens and paints.  Place on a level surface.

to go with this:

MÅLA Drawing paper roll IKEA

Not sure how I’m going to set it up, yet, though, but I’ll be sure to post when I do.

Hoping to get organized I also purchased these “cups” in orange and white:

I don’t know why it’s so much easier to focus on things for Nolan. His room and playroom are generally (when cleaned up) way more put together than our bedroom.  I have some sort of decorator’s block when it comes to our bedroom.

Maybe it’s because most of his stuff is consigned or thrifted and that’s not as easily done for an adult room.  That stuff adds up.  But it’s time…

Operation “spruce up our bedroom” shall commence!